Learn About the Partnership

Great partners creating winning results What's In It For Me? There is exciting news for families in the MetroWest region. MetroWest Medical Center and Tufts Medical Center have formed a partnership to bring more advance medical services right to you.

This new relationship builds off the extremely successful partnership between Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Centerand MetroWest Medical Center launched in 2009. Floating Hospital pediatric specialists – some of the best in the country – work alongside MetroWest Medical Center doctors and nurses, giving you and your child access to a broad range of outpatient and inpatient specialty consultations and treatments, conveniently close to home.

Now adults will receive the benefit as Tufts Medical Center and MetroWest expand the partnership to enhance the adult medical and surgical specialties available in the MetroWest region. This means that all members of your family will have access to the resources and expertise of one the nation’s top hospitals within the walls of your trusted community hospitals.

That is Boston-caliber specialty expertise, conveniently close to home. It really is the best of both worlds. And when it comes to your health, the best is exactly what you deserve.

Bringing Vital Care to the Community

Our hospitals are working together to ensure that all the medical services you and your family need – from the routine to the more complex – are easily available in your community. So instead of enduring the hassle and expense of traveling into Boston for many advanced services, you can access the care you need right here, close to home.

Teams are currently working hand-in-hand to determine the services the community most wants and needs.

In addition to services in the community, this new partnership enables us to coordinate a fast and seamless referral or transfer to Tufts Medical Center – a world-class academic medical center that’s home to a superb team of respected specialists – when necessary. And rest assured, we’ll work closely with your local doctor and make every effort to get you back to him or her for follow-up care as soon as possible.